Here are 10 top tips to help make your dream wedding day come true



Plan B: We all know the saying ‘4 seasons in one day’ and Tasmania is capable of living up to this reputation. It is essential to have a contingency plan if it’s wet, particularly if an outdoor ceremony. The rain can be worked around but better to know prior to the big day what the plan is if its necessary to put one in place!




Your ceremony is a lovely way to include people who are special to you by asking them to play a special role such as doing a reading, playing a song, or being a ring bearer. It is worth taking time to consider how to involve special people in a way that helps make your day even more memorable and personalised. You are welcome to ask me for suggestions!

Plan and prepare but don’t overdo it: we all have an idea in our head of the perfect day , including how the venue will look and what you will do to make your day memorable. However it is easy to try to implement too many ideas which in turn lead to a lot of work and potential stress to meet an already busy deadline! The time leading up to your wedding day is ideally busy but not stressful and so you may wish to ask for guidance as to what is realistic and what potential challenges there are with setting some plans into place.

Tear stopper: a cloth handkerchief subtly wrapped around your bouquet is a good idea just in case emotions take over and you shed a tear or two! If this doesn’t tickle your fancy be assured that I will always have tissues ready on hand!

Social media allows your guests to relay photos to the world before you have even said 'I do' and some couples' also like guests to be able to focus on and enjoy the ceremony without  being distracted by technology...its worth thinking about your views and feelings on this topic and discussing with your celebrant as there are strategies to get around this tricky topic

Create your own wedding website: to provide guests with vital info about the ceremony and reception details, bridal registry or a way to RSVP

- especially useful if getting married far from home or have guests flying in for your wedding

Venue visit: check out your outdoor venue at the same time of day as the actual wedding ceremony. See what impact the sun/shade may have and suss out other issues.that may only be evident when at the venue.

As a newly married couple make sure you schedule ten minutes (after the ceremony and before the reception) to spend time alone to savour some special moments and share in some intimate thoughts about your special day.

With a civil ceremony you have the benefit of choosing a traditional or a modern approach (or a combination of) such as; writing your own vows or walking down the aisle with Mum and Dad or including your choice of music, readings and more! Explore the options with your Celebrant to help make your day matches your dreams!

Everyone loves photos at weddings -especially ones guests can be part of and have fun taking with licence to be silly! Consider a photo booth or disposable cameras