Commitment Ceremonies

  • Commitment ceremonies, while not legally binding, are a meaningful way a couple can commit to each other in the company of family and friends or in an intimate, private ceremony.


  • It still allows for the public declaration of a life-long commitment and a way to celebrate the love and dedication between a couple.


  • Commitment ceremonies are usually between two people of the same gender, however a man and woman who have not previously been married to each other can choose this option to pledge and confirm their love for one another without the full blown formality of a wedding ceremony.


  • For any couple, a commitment ceremony can be a wedding (without the legal wording) with a ceremony of their choice, at whatever venue and including all the usual traditions- a ceremony with readings or poems and music, a photographer, reception and celebration of their commitment to each other.


  • Tasmania's relationship laws recognise a wide range of different personal relationships.These include mixed-sex and same-sex couples. Tasmania's relationship laws allow all couples to register their relationships with the Tasmanian Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


  • Couples are able to lodge a Deed of Relationship for registration in exactly the same way that marriages are registered. Partners in a registered relationship must be Tasmanian residents and adults.


  • Although a commitment ceremony is not legally binding, I can provide a Certificate of Commitment to commemorate the occasion.


Whatever your situation, I would be delighted to meet with you and help design a personalised, unique and special celebration for you.