Funerals and Memorials

It is crucial to recognise and acknowledge the grief, sadness and loss family and friends experience when they are letting go of the person who has gone from their lives.

Whether the ceremony is a funeral or farewell service, a celebration of life, a memorial service or a wake, it is a powerful and often painful rite of passage that signifies a farewell, and a time of letting go at the time of death.


A ritual or ceremony needs to provide a safe and secure space for people to mourn both individually and as a group. The ceremony is a way of honouring, validating and affirming the individual’s life and it is my role to help you do this in a respectful and meaningful way. It is about capturing the essence that made this individual unique and recognising their beliefs and values. Each person has stories and a personality that can be highlighted to make their ceremony unique and personal.


When you contact me to conduct a funeral or memorial service for your loved one we would; we would arrange a time, if possible, to meet face to face to talk about your feelings, thoughts and memories and gather information that will identify how to best honour and remember your loved one’s life. I will guide you through the options and things to consider so you can best honour your loved one. I will ask questions that enable me to encapsulate your loved one’s personality, beliefs, values, experiences and history.


      I provide;

  • all the paperwork and information

  • ideas to celebrate the life of your loved one, depending on your needs and beliefs.

  • A ceremony for your approval from the information we discussed

  • .Funeral Readings and poems to choose from.

  • Information that you need to prepare you to write a Eulogy or I will write one for you from the information provided.

  • Information and a format to write an order of service or I will organize this for you from the information we decide upon.

  • Officiate at the ceremony on the day.

  • Officiate at the burial if applicable.

  • Provide you with a presentation copy of your loved ones ceremony.