What a Celebrant does

Being a marriage celebrant is a wonderful thing. To help people create a day they will remember for the rest of their lives is both a pleasure and a privilege.However, there are two sides to the job...


The most enjoyable part is helping the happy couple craft a beautiful, meaningful and highly personalised ceremony that fully meets their needs.


The other part is more bureaucratic but critical: as an authorised marriage celebrant appointed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney General’s Department , I have a number of legal and administrative responsibilities to take care of. There are obligations, requirements and legalities that I must ensure are met in order for your marriage to be legitimate!


I have successfully completed a thorough and extensive course of study to become a Celebrant but then had to apply to the Attorney General’s Office to be approved. This was a rigouous process but what a celebration when accepted!

As a Marriage Celebrant I am required to undergo ongoing Professional development each year in order to maintain my Celebrant’s licence.


I have many responsibilities and as part of my role I will;


  • Authenticate your documents

  • Have as many meetings as needed to ensure the Ceremony is exactly as you desire.

  • Prepare the legal paperwork, NOIM, certificates and so forth

  • Register your documentation with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

  • Lodge your Marriage documentation at the appropriate time

  • Assist in the planning and design of your wedding ceremony

  • Write your personalised wedding ceremony, making as many changes as may be needed

  • Inform all couples about marriage education

  • Officiate and solemnise your marriage, ensuring it is a memorable and sincere ceremony

  • Witness your marriage vows

  • Witness your marriage documentation

  • Provide a copy of your Marriage Certificate on your wedding day

  • Register the legal paper work after the wedding ceremony.

  • Have a wedding rehearsal (if required) - preferably on site


And that’s not all. I will also;


  • Provide a professional PA system (portable, battery-operated). You are very welcome to use this with your ipod to play your choice of music, if required

  • Have as many meetings with you as needed to ensure the Ceremony is exactly as you desire.

  • Ensure unlimited consultation via phone calls, skype, emails and faxes as frequent as required or desired

  • Provide access to my Celebrants compendium to help you choose wording, readings, vows etc. This means having access to a range of information and resources to ensure you can have lots of options to play a significant role in planning the ceremony to best represent you as a couple.

  • Assist you with change of name procedure, if needed. This involves the option of me providing and sending paperwork - Application for Marriage Search (the legal paperwork required for the Bride to complete and send off to change such things as bank accounts into married name)

  • Guarantee I will be at your Ceremony at least 30 mins before the ceremony

  • Provide an assurance that I will be dressed professionally to suit your Wedding, whether it be a formal or informal and whatever the setting.

  • Provide a copy of your wedding ceremony


My 3 Commitments to YOU


  1. To achieve a warm, wonderful and unique wedding ceremony that will help create a day you will always remember. 

  2. To provide a highly personalised service that helps to make the whole wedding planning process as enjoyable and stress free as possible. I promise to provide guidance and options but to listen to your ideas so that we can work together to help you design the most memorable occasion.

  3. To make the necessary legal and administrative aspects as easy and painless as possible while ensuring that everything is done in accordance with the law.