What is the first step?

Most people’s first contact is via phone, or email! It’s a good way for you to get an initial first impression and establish if you think we can work together to create the ceremony you desire.


Some couples may call/email and request the booking there and then.


Others prefer to meet in person before making a commitment.


I have a strong belief that if you are sharing your special story with me then it’s important to actually feel like I can relate to you. It shouldn’t feel forced to establish a relationship of trust and warmth between us and I want you to feel completely confident that I will look after you, respond to your needs and ensure everything runs not just smoothly but is enjoyable to plan your special day as well as make it a ceremony that is always special and memorable for you and your guests.



  • If you would like to proceed after our initial contact I will suggest a no-obligation meeting. That might not be possible for couples from interstate or overseas in which case it might be more convenient to communicate via email, phone and/or Skype. This meeting allows you the chance to ask questions, discuss your needs and desires and generally establish whether if you would like me to be your Celebrant!


  • During that initial meeting, I would explain to you the need to lodge the NOIM (the government’s ‘Intention to Marry’ form) which kickstarts the legal process.  We would also have a general discussion about personalising your ceremony


  • If both parties are happy to work together and confirm my role as Celebrant a fee deposit will secure your date.


  • Next, I’ll send you a questionnaire that helps me establish other information that is relevant to you and your wedding day and helps me to personalise your ceremony.


  • A ceremony should be a reflection of the couple and also allow the opportunity for the exchange of vows that are meaningful. Even the most casual or relaxed weddings need to flow and to ensure a seamless and quality ceremony so it does vary from couple to couple as to how often we meet, depending on where you live and how busy you are.


  • I encourage you to feel free to have unlimited contact with me (through whatever means best suits you or is available) to achieve a beautiful ceremony.


  • It would be my pleasure to give guidance on readings, songs, vows and rituals (I have developed a great resource to share with you) and any other wedding related matter that I can assist with.


  • Finally, just prior to the ceremony day, we would finalise and approve the ceremony script and, if possible, have a rehearsal to fine tune how the day would run. It is as consultative an approach as you would like or simply ask me to guide you should you like to make it less so! The choice is yours!